Do lawyers have knowledge of project management? Do they apply this knowledge and actually manage the projects they run? Do they use any tools to do so?

These and other questions were the starting point for a survey we conducted among lawyers from law firms and corporate legal departments. We are pleased to present the results and conclusions of this survey in the report “Legal project management in Poland 2019/2020. A survey of the legal market”.

The report was prepared by Agile Lawyer and DSK Kancelaria, in cooperation with project management practitioners involved in co-creating the legal project management conference. It was created on the basis of a survey on the state of legal project management in Poland, interviews and discussions with lawyers and our own experiences.

When designing the premises of the conference, we wanted to choose a topic that would provide a basis for a conversation about the future of the legal profession. We had several objectives. Firstly, to verify whether lawyers have any knowledge of project management at all. Secondly, whether they actually manage legal projects. Thirdly, whether they use any tools for this purpose and how innovative they are. Our intention was to identify trends and challenges in the growing field of Legal Project Management (LPM) in Poland.

The method of creating the report was pragmatic – we carefully selected the material and tried to avoid logical errors in our conclusions, but at the same time we did not strictly apply the research methods used by universities and research institutes. In short, we were ‘agile’ when compiling the report, and we hope that in doing so we were able to create a reliable picture of the challenges, expectations and opportunities facing the LPM field in Poland.

We invite you to read the report – click below to download it from our partner Agile Lawyer’s website.