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DSK Law Firm firm was founded by Jakub Depa, Łukasz Szmit, Paweł Kuźmiak and Michał Jackowski. Each of them contributed their area of specialization, around which teams of lawyers were built.


We work for the leading software houses and technology companies. We support construction companies that implement large infrastructure, hydraulic engineering and industrial projects. We provide advisory services to commercial and manufacturing companies.


We are a partner of industry organisations. We are a member of the ITCorner cluster organisation of technological companies in Poland. We are also a member of the Polish Association of Debt Management – integrating debt collection companies and organizations in Poland and Europe.


We have represented the IT sector in public consultations with the Ministry of Finance on many occasions. We have worked on the development of standards and regulations in working groups at the Ministry of Digital Affairs; our task was to express the standpoint of businesses, submit demands and propose solutions. Michał Jackowski, a DSK partner and member of the Board of ITCorner, is involved in work for strengthening the technological innovation ecosystem in Poland.


We are a member of  World Legal Tech and Euro Latam Lex organisations of independent law firms. We work together with the World Jurist Association. Therefore, we have developed relations with reputable law offices and institutions all over the world.


How can you benefit from working with us?

  • quick cost-effective legal procedures

  • fast start of new projects – company formation, shelf companies, M&A projects

  • strategic advice – resolving legal issues with a view to your company goal
  • improved effectiveness – company reorganisation and adaptation to ever-changing environment

  • tax advantages from research and development – use of IP Box, R&D reliefs and tax solutions

  • assistance in Industry 4.0 transformation – implementation of new tax reliefs and preferences 

  • business security – structuring business partner relationships

    • preventing payment congestion by monitoring of payments and implementation of new standards

    • more effective debt collection

    • effective support in increasing fees in construction contracts

  • effective protection against bankruptcy – restructuring and composition proceedings

  • securing the succession

  • protection of competitive advantage – securing intellectual property

Check us out in action

Our approach to client service stands for: availability, easy contact and quick response. We are a close-knit team of lawyers, tax advisors, engineers, IP experts, restructuring advisors and debt collection specialists. We integrate experience gained in law firms and businesses to effectively act in our areas of expertise:

  • new technologies, IoT and digitisation
  • corporate assistance
  • infrastructural projects
  • tax advisory services
  • debt management.