On 28 June 2022, we invite you to the international conference Legal Project Management. Once again (for the fourth time!) Prof. Michał Jackowski (DSK Kancelaria), Marcin Nowakowski (Agile Lawyer) and Jarek Owczarek (Contractbook) – LPM and legal tech enthusiasts – will lead interesting panel discussions and talk about the innovation ecosystem and the role it plays in a lawyer’s work.

The conference is a forum where lawyers and professionals from other disciplines come together to share knowledge in legal project management, the application of technology for lawyers and the transformation of legal business.

On 28.06.2022, we will talk about:

  • ‘startup mindset’ – and the benefits it can bring to lawyers
  • the use of kanban in the work of lawyers
  • prevention of professional burnout
  • agile project methods
  • Law firm / legal department strategy
  • personal effectiveness of lawyers

The meeting will feature project management and legal design practitioners Ebru Matin and Pablo Arteaga, founders Jarek Owczarek and Szymon Łajszczak, personal effectiveness expert: Renata Novotna, and lawyers using a client-centric approach.

The conference is organised online, all panel discussions and presentations are held in English.

Participation in this edition of the conference is free of charge.

Registration and agenda: click.

Don’t miss it!