Every year, our client imported goods worth millions from a country outside the EU. As an importer, he encountered a number of administrative and legal barriers and obstacles that made it difficult for him to run his business efficiently.

In connection with the conducted activity, this client incurred high costs related to the use of standard solutions resulting from the customs law. Sometimes he was also forced to cover fees related to downtime in the delivery of goods caused by the actions of administrative authorities.

In this situation, DSK experts came up with a proposal to conduct a comprehensive customs audit of the company. They proposed obtaining an AEO permit, and then guided the client through the entire process.

As a result of the combined efforts of the law firm’s team and our client, the AEO status was granted to his company. As a consequence, the Customer was able to use the simplified procedure in the import of goods. As a result, the delivery time of goods has been significantly shortened and the administrative costs in international transport have been reduced by almost 50%. Currently, goods arrive faster and more efficiently, and the company has fewer controls and hassles with customs procedures. Our client has additionally obtained the status of a reliable and trusted entrepreneur and better financial liquidity – he does not have to pay VAT on imported goods at the time of importing the goods.