DSK’s real estate development client encountered difficulties in the implementation of one of its large construction projects. A joint concept developed by the client, architects and DSK law firm made it possible to reach a favorable agreement with the company blocking the investment PKP PLK which belonged to Polish State Railways Group and to continue with the planned project.

Anna Loch and Tomasz Wojech from the DSK Investment Service and Public Procurement Department team handled the case of a client who bought a plot of great value from PKP S.A.. The purpose of its acquisition was to build a service and office building. Unfortunately, while obtaining development conditions it turned out that PKP PLK whose position was essential for obtaining development conditions, gave a negative opinion of our client’s plans. PKP PLK’s decision resulted from its intention to allocate the plot for a railway investment. Thus, there was a collision of two investment concepts and the legal blocking of our client’s project. 

In this situation, the DSK law firm developed and implemented a formal and legal action plan, according to which both investments could be implemented simultaneously. In addition, a completely new architectural concept was created, consisting of changing the location of the planned building on the plot and reducing the planned facility. This did not adversely affect the realization of the business objectives of the investment, and allowed for its formal unblocking.

Eventually, an agreement was signed between our client and PKP PLK, which will allow the implementation of a new beneficial solution. Specialists from the DSK law firm have already led to the issuance of the first positive opinion necessary to obtain development conditions.

This is a great success for both our client and the law firm itself. We sincerely congratulate the investor!