Among our clients are Europe’s largest construction contractors specializing in roads and highways, bound by numerous contracts with the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA). In recent months, during the implementation of a number of investments, the contractors we served encountered many obstacles, which were independent of each other and affecting their ability to carry out their contracted work. The result of the obstacles was usually the inability to meet work completion deadlines.

To meet the problems of clients, DSK Law Firm offered a number of comprehensive and effective solutions.

One of the results of the work of DSK’s Investment and Procurement Department, was that the General Directorate of National Highways and Motorways granted our clients’ claims for extension of deadlines for completion of works due to the occurrence of exceptionally unfavorable climatic conditions. Thanks to our assistance the contractors gained in two projects almost five additional months to complete the work. Such a long period allowed us to set a new, realistic deadline for the work. In addition, the actions of our lawyers in cooperation with engineers made it possible to award our clients multimillion-dollar costs in connection with the described difficulties.

DSK’s advice also resulted in our clients obtaining additional time to completion and extra fee, due to prolonged administrative procedures regarding, among other things, permit for roadworks investment (ZRID document). The work of the law firm’s experts made it possible to demonstrate the prolonged processing of applications on the part of public administration bodies. The protracted procedures resulted in the inability to carry out the works and, consequently, in the inability to meet the deadlines specified in the contract.

Each time, the analysis of the problems that arose required our team to act systemically. The experience gained during many years of contract implementation, allowed us to develop effective mechanisms of action that brought tangible benefits to our customers.