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We work with companies of various size and various sectors; thus we know views from multiple perspectives. We can accompany you at various stages of the organisational life cycle.
  • Company registration – you will be certain of solutions and efficient activities when forming new entities
  • Due diligence – you will have transactional and property security and full knowledge about the success of your investment and threats involved
  • Streamlining processes, designing procedures, regulating relations with employees and business partners – you will gain control over internal matters of the company
  • Litigation – you will receive support at each stage of the court proceedings – from the payment request, statement of claim, proceedings to secure claims, trials, appeal proceedings and even the cassation proceedings to enforcement
  • Restructuring – your property will be protected against enforcement and your debts will be reduced, this will also limit the actual restructuring of the enterprise (ending of unprofitable contracts, simplified staff redundancies)
  • Bankruptcy – to protect management board members from personal liability with their property for the company’s debts

They have trusted us

  • Cichy-Zasada Group

  • Komputronik

  • Majster ABC Budowlane

  • Farm Equipment Int.

  • Fruitconnexcion

  • HBH Group

Projects completed

    Group 5522
  • Leading computer hardware distributor. Protection from a tax decision the client did not agree with. Causing the rehabilitation proceedings to be opened – protection from enforcement and finally a dynamic growth of the company.

  • Leading car dealer. Integration of two largest automotive groups in Poland, causing the merger and formation of the largest car dealer in Poland.

Our key clients

IT sector E-commerce Technology sector Automotive sector Electrical wholesale sector Construction wholesale sector Agricultural sector Real estate sector Publishing sector Tourist sector