Together with AnyRobot company, we’ve been developing a tech tool for lawyers a few months now. It’s called AnyLawyer, and it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze contracts for possible business risks and threats that our clients face on a daily basis. We started our adventure with AI with non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), due to their popularity and frequency of conclusion (in all branches of business).

AnyLawyer analyzes NDA agreements so as to flag questionable legal provisions in them. Its goal is to reduce the time it takes to review contracts and provide the most effective feedback possible to assess risks and facilitate business decisions – providing support not only in the daily work of a lawyer, but also in business.

Currently, AnyLawyer is at the MVP stage and works in English, but we also plan to expand it to Polish. The closed beta-testing phase is now underway.  At the end of February, we plan to open the tests externally as well. We invite you to sign up now via

We believe the tool will save many hours of work for lawyers and make life easier for non-lawyers whose work requires signing many NDAs.