The Made in Poland Congress, organized by the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship, was held in Berlin on June 8-9, 2022. The purpose of the event was to showcase the potential of Polish manufacturers and innovators. Companies that have an impact on the shape and development of the Polish economy in various industries were present – including the representatives of DSK Law Firm and AnyRobot with AnyLawyer Project.  

A year of our joint activities resulted in the development of a tool based on AI and machine learning that helps lawyers automatically verify NDA agreements.

At the Congress, the project was represented by Michał Jackowski, Piotr Bączyk, Edyta Pietak and Łukasz Chojnowski. Together they promoted AnyLawyer brand and discussed the development of Polish innovations. They appeared as panelists during a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities offered by robotization processes and the use of AI in the business. And finally, during the congress gala they received Made in Poland 2022 award for AnyLawyer.

Congratulations! We are proud and happy!