Marta Lasota


director, lawyer

Areas of expertise:

administrative law, civil law, contract law, debt recovery services, litigation, ochrona płynności finansowej





  • Marta serves as COO of the credit management department
  • Specializes in civil litigation
  • Manages debt collection processes
  • Organizes and conducts debt collection audits
  • Develops debt collection procedures
  • Conducts mass collection cases
  • It deals with optimization and robotization of processes
  • He organizes the work of the department and leads a team of specialists in the field. debt collection
  • She is a graduate of law at the Faculty of Law of the Adam Mickiewicz University, and has been involved in debt management since the beginning of her career
  • He likes to spend his free time actively – he enjoys skiing and running. Values non-fiction

Selected experiences

  • Co-development of ICT applications and solutions in the debt collection process
  • Experience in setting up and organizing a department and drafting collection procedures