Makary Wajdziak


advocate trainee

Areas of expertise:

contract law, debt recovery services, ochrona płynności finansowej





  • Makary specializes in contract law and international law – he is responsible for handling clients’ litigation. Advises on handling cross-border disputes
  • Deals with commercial agreements and contracts – has participated in negotiations and proceedings in cross-border cases in Sweden, Norway, the UK and Portugal, among others
  • Advises on how to safeguard clients’ interests in case of potential litigation
  • Handles compensation cases for delayed or canceled flights against European carriers
  • He gained professional experience in the offices of judicial officers in Poznań and Szczecin
  • Graduate of law at the Faculty of Law of the Adam Mickiewicz University. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
  • Passionate about the English Premier League, European history of the 20th century between the wars, supporter of London’s Chelsea FC

Selected experiences

  • Litigation in the field of compensation with air carriers, including Wizzair, Ryanair
  • Negotiations at the pre-court stage with Portuguese, British and Norwegian companies
  • Initiation of proceedings for a European Order for Payment before a court in Sweden