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We are focused on looking for solutions rather than weaknesses

We make it easier to navigate the complex regulations. We support the business in a dynamically changing environment. What do we offer to your benefit?
  • advisory services based on understanding IT market standards – we not only know them but we also develop them – we work together with several dozens of leading Polish software houses
  • we have up-to-date knowledge on sector-specific legislation, we represent the IT sector in contacts with the legislator and help work out beneficial solutions
  • we have the know-how in the IT sector, and thus, we provide legal and business support
  • we follow agile project management methodologies
  • we act as members of project teams – clients perceive us as in-house consultants rather than external lawyers
  • we are responsive and adapt to the pace of work in the IT sector
  • we use modern tools for project management and communication
  • we act in compliance with legal design and legal project management
    • we look for simple and clear solutions
    • we communicate in a way that is understandable to the client, we do not use legalese
    • we are result-oriented and client’s business goal-oriented

They have trusted us

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Projects completed

    Group 5520
  • We have won a dozen or so court disputes (including cases before arbitration tribunals) and we have completed several dozen negotiations and concluded out-of-court agreements, as a result of which a collaborator paid a contractual penalty for violation of the non-compete agreement.

  • We help several dozen Polish software houses in legalisation of foreign IT specialists work.

  • We negotiate IT contracts of several dozen leading Polish software houses, including 7 of the top 20 in the Clutch ranking.

  • We have handled a court dispute concluded with a favourable judgement for the client, which resulted in recovery of funds in a case of fraud by an agent of one of financial institutions.

  • We file trademark applications and protect intellectual property of our clients in over 150 countries worldwide.

  • We have won a precedent case before the EUIPO concerning bad faith of our client’s business partner upon its hostile takeover of a brand.

  • We supported a client of the IoT sector – we have won a dispute with a patent troll in the USA.

  • We have assisted in negotiation of a multimillion contract and implementation of an innovative IoT solution in the entire Polish market (contract with a corporate partner based in China).

  • We have effectively fought the competitor’s claims, and hence our client is able to sell electric scooters in the entire Europe.

  • We have supported our client in closing an extensive IT contract for creating an application for a leading Polish courier company.

  • For a client of the IT sector we have drafted a framework agreement, conducted effective negotiations and had the contract executed for exclusive services to one of food industry leaders.

  • For a client of the construction sector, we have worked out a novel concept and implemented a comprehensive protection scheme for IP rights.

  • We have obtained financial support for sole traders for more than 100 clients that suffered from effects of COVID-19 pandemic.

  • We are involved in innovative projects. This gives us a broader view and helps develop innovative solutions independently. We have developed and are implementing our own IT tool – AnyLawyer – based on machine learning and AI, aimed not only at automation and optimisation of the team’s work but also at actual support to the team.

Our clients

Software houses Startups New-tech / IoT sector E-commerce Gamedev Creative sector VC funds UX and product design Media & telecoms Blockchain / crypto Public persons / influencers