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Unstructured relationships with business partners and no debt collection procedure in place entail financial liquidity problems – especially in times of economic turbulence. See what we can do together.

Our actions feature:


  • high quality
  • care about the creditor’s image
  • H2H approach
  • emphasis on amicable actions


In our work we apply our own tool – Intelligent Collection System, which ensures:

  • fully or partially automated debt collection processes
  • tailoring and optimising of monitoring and debt collection schemes
  • effectiveness of the debt collection team’s work
  • multi-dimension reporting
  • online access to the case (client panel)

Intelligent Collection System


Data provision

  • batch file
  • integration of systems Client – DSK Law Firm
  • automatic calculation of interest, compensation for delay in commercial transactions


Payment monitoring

  • sms/e-mail – reminder of expiring date


Amicable debt collection

  • Call for payment
    • sms
    • e-mail
    • paper correspondence – acknowledgment of receipt or regular letter:
      • reminder
      • request for payment
      • pre-court demand for payment
    • call center
    • on-line negotiation
    • 40 Euro compensation
    • BIG InfoMonitor
      • economic report
      • adding a debtor to BIG InfoMonitor
    • debt exchange


Court stage

  • filing of a lawsuit
    • electronic writ of payment proceedings
    • district court
  • integrated relationship DSK Law Firm – e-court


Enforcement stage

  • filing an enforcement action
    • integrated DSK Law Firm – bailiff relationship
    • online monitoring of the proceedings conducted by the court enforcement officer
  • possible repetition of the process until the debt is recovered

Our key clients

  • GCZ



  • SKIP Group

  • ENEA Group



  • VOX Group

  • SWPS University





  • STX Next

Projects completed

    Group 5521
  • One of the largest Polish non-public university requested us to provide monitoring and collection of debts. During the year, the client transferred about 160 thousand claims to initiate collection proceedings, which includes a portfolio of debts amounting to about PLN 128 million. Effectiveness of debt collection actions is about PLN 6 million per month.

  • A company providing services of comprehensive deconstruction and demolition requested us to deal with amicable and court debt collection. At present, we assist the client in about 100 cases with a portfolio of debts amounting to PLN 170 thousand.

  • A company involved in website positioning uses our services involving amicable and court debt collection as well as debt enforcement. We have completed 600 cases with a portfolio of debts amounting to over PLN 5 million. Effectiveness of our debt collection and enforcement actions is about 75%.

  • One of the largest loan companies transferred its portfolio of debts comprising several hundred pending debt collection proceedings. We conduct amicable debt collection activities concerning the client's debtors, ultimately ending with the judicial stage or referring cases to bailiffs. During a year of our work, the portfolio of debts was reduced by 50%.

  • A leading plumbing and electrical wholesaler. The last year of our co-operation involved 800 cases referred by the client, i.e. a portfolio of debts amounting to about PLN 10 million. Our effectiveness is 80% of all debts recovered.

  • In 2021, we were entrusted with the collection of receivables by a leading company in the energy industry. This involved preparing a team and a system to handle further massive debt packages. Already six months of our cooperation resulted in 3013 lawsuits - a debt portfolio of about PLN 3.5 million.

Our key clients

sole traders / individuals ransport/logistics IT automotive wholesale trade/chains of stores e-commerce utility provision units of the public finance sector private schools of higher education foreign companies