The March edition of Forbes Poland featured an article on our AnyLawyer project and the use of AI and machine learning to create tools that assist lawyers.

In the interview, Robert Przeliorz talked with Michał Jackowski, Piotr Bączyk, Łukasz Chojnowski and Jakub Wilczek about the cooperation between DSK and AnyRobot teams and about their goals and plans.

Michał Jackowski, DSK: For nearly a decade we have seen the development of tools for lawyers based on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics (RPA). The use of these tools is not widespread, but it is a process that has begun and is inevitable. A lawyer’s work consists of many tedious and repetitive tasks. These include, for example, the analysis of certain contracts. That’s why we have joined forces with AnyRobot and for the past five months we have been developing together the AnyLawyer tool, which, with the help of AI, helps to check whether contracts are favorable and whether they contain risky or prohibited clauses. Our goal is to replace lawyers with artificial intelligence in as many areas as possible, reduce the time it takes to get a legal service and improve its quality by more than 90%.

Łukasz Chojnowski, AnyRobot: We see great potential for AI in the legal industry. Formulaic language, specific phrases and structured structure in the case of contracts – this is a good learning base for AI. AI and machine learning can revolutionize the legal industry, and we want to explore this.

The article (in Polish) is available here.