The DSK law firm’s team, providing comprehensive support for a key national railroad investment, prepared a number of works at the client’s request.

These included the Work Schedule, Analysis of technical documentation for tree felling, and Project Documentation Analysis. As a result of their actions, the DSK team opened the way for the client to pursue additional payments, expand the scope of work and extend contractual deadlines.

Work Schedule

Despite the very limited time frame specified by the Client, DSK’s engineering and legal team developed a Schedule that was accepted by the Contract Engineer and allowed the Contractor to identify errors and inaccuracies in the Contracting Authority’s requirements.

This gave rise to a number of significant claims, including the failure to hand over the construction site on time or the failure of the Investor to provide the relevant administrative decisions within the contractual deadlines.

The activities of the DSK Law Firm were a key contribution to the initial phase of the Contract and, thanks to them, it was possible to specify the relevant demands against the Contracting Authority and ensure the protection of the Contractor’s interests.

Analysis of technical documentation for tree felling

As a result of a detailed analysis of the technical documentation including tree felling work, the DSK legal and engineering team identified a number of inaccuracies. According to the project documentation provided, the number of trees and shrubs to be cut differed significantly from the bill of quantities and other figures provided by the contracting authority.

Thanks to the efforts of the firm’s DSK team, significant differences were identified, a detailed list of the discrepancies was provided, including the cost of performing supplemental cutting and the impact of this work on contractual deadlines. On this basis, a request was made to the Contract Engineer to order supplemental work.

Both the Contract Engineer and the Contracting Authority agreed with the arguments prepared by the DSK Law Firm, admitting that the indicated discrepancies did occur. On this basis, our client was instructed to make an extended cut, while being granted an additional payment and an extension of the contractual deadlines.

Project Documentation Analysis

The DSK Law Firm team led to the initiation of another variation procedure, bringing tangible financial benefits to our client.

Our experts made a comprehensive analysis of the project documentation including the Technical Specifications, Technical Description and bills of quantities which were required for the execution of electrical installations in buildings. The result of the verification was the identification of deficiencies in the bills of quantities for the indicated internal installations.

The lack of the necessary bills of quantities became the basis for requesting a Variation Order from the Engineer. As it was established, the contractor had no basis for pricing the described scope of work in the bid, due to improperly prepared project documentation by the Contracting Authority.

As a result, the Contractor applied for a Variation Order covering the valuation of the construction of the internal technical installation and the award of additional compensation for this, as well as an extension of the contractual deadlines, which met with the approval of the Contract Engineer.

The activities of DSK Law Firm thus provided the client with a number of economic benefits, as well as contributed to ensuring the smooth implementation of the order.