Representing clients in court proceedings regarding large construction investments requires not only thorough preparation, but also a quick response to changing circumstances.

Tomasz Wojech of the Investment Service and Public Procurement Department has obtained a positive settlement for the Client from the appeal body. The case concerned the data of key importance for the Client regarding an open tender. They constituted public information, yet they were not made available. An attempt to limit access to this type of information by public administration bodies, which has been noticeable in recent times, should not become a standard.The DSK law firm takes all possible measures dictated by the welfare of clients to counteract such negative phenomena. Especially when the requested documents are necessary to conduct a court process related to the implementation of public procurement.

Only the adequate argumentation and complexity of the adopted solutions means effectiveness. All the more so as currently in the case of an application for an obligation to submit a document in civil proceedings, it is necessary to substantiate the impossibility of obtaining it on one’s own.